Consultancy Service on Adjustment and Optimization of the Operation Management of the Multimodal Public Transport System of Songjiang District

The service consists to collect relevant data, to analyze and assess the strength and weakness of the current public transport and its operation of Songjiang District, to propose adjustment and improvement measures taking into account the introduction of the future tramway, to provide advices on the tramway network and its operation, and to study and recommend the operation organization of the future overall multi-modal public transport system (bus, tramway, metro, etc.). 



Songjiang Project Consultancy service contract awarded by Shanghai Keolis

After a tendering process, Keolis and its joint-venture Shanghai Keolis have been awarded August 2015 the contract of “Consultancy Service on Adjustment and Optimization of the Operation Management of the Multimodal Public Transport System of Songjiang District”.

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Meeting for collaboration-Shanghai Keolis & Songjiang District

Laurent Kocher, Keolis Executive Director for Marketing, Innovation and Services, and Marcellin Darrou, CEO of Shanghai Keolis, have visited Songjiang Public Transport Company the 29th of September 2015, and had a meeting with Songjiang Transport Commission, Songjiang Public Transport Company and Songjiang Tramway Company on the public transport system of Songjiang and exchanged on the development of the Smart Mobility– Keolis experiences, current situation and future development in Songjiang.
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Songjiang Tram succeeded initial operation conditions expertise (July 2019)


July 17 to 19 2019, Songjiang Tram initial operation basic conditions expertise meeting was held successfully. The representatives of the municipal government, Shentong Group and Songjiang Tram attended. After exchanged with staff, tested equipment on site and reviewed the documents, the experts gave a high appreciation of the construction and initial operation preparations, agreed that the basic conditions for the initial operation were met.

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Songjiang Tram Phase II put into initial operation officially(August 2019)

After a series of assessment from experts, Songjiang Tram Phase II began its initial operation on August 10, 2019. Then, line 1 operates two-way from T1 Canghua Rd Station to T1 3rd Xinmiao Rd Station. Line 2 operates from North Sanxin Rd Station to Jinxi Rd Station in round-trip.

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