Pujiang Line is a 6.7 Km full driverless metro line. It will run from Shendu Highway Station to Hui Zhen Lu Station. At the beginning the line will be equipped with 11 vehicles of 50 meter long (4 cars). The frequency at peak hour will be 3.20 minutes. The span of operation will be from 5:00 am to 23:00 pm every day of the year. The supervision of the system will be done from the OCC, central dispatching room.


The contract includes an early involvement of Shanghai Keolis O&M Company during the preparation phases before the Commercial Operation Date (COD). Then Shanghai Keolis will be in charge, for a 5 years period, of the daily operation and maintenance activities in order to ensure an efficient service delivery for the customers of Pujiang Line.



French Prime Minister Mr. Edouard PHILIPPE visited Pujiang Line (June 2018)


At the invitation of LI Keqiang, the Premier of the State Council of People's Republic of China, the Prime Minister of French Republic, Mr. Edouard PHILIPPE, officially visited China from June 22nd to 25th. On June 23, accompanied by YU Guangyao, Chairman of Shentong Group, and Jean-Pierre FARANDOU, Chairman of Keolis Group, Mr. PHILIPPE visited Shanghai Rrail Transit Pujiang Line.

prime minister

Train rescue and evacuation exercises carried out in Pujiang Line (July 2018)


On the evening of July 9, 2018, Pujiang line organized a train rescue and train-to-train emergency evacuation exercise. Operators and roving agents participated. The exercise examined the operation procedures and emergency plans such as "train-to-train evacuation" and "train rescue", effectively enhanced on-site experience of the participants, and improved the coordination, reaction, and efficiency of similar emergency treatments. 


pujiang exercise

Pujiang Line succeeded trial operation conditions expertise (March 2018)


March 13 to 15 2018, Pujiang line trial operation basic conditions expertise meeting was held successfully. The representatives of the municipal government, Shentong Group and Pujiang Line attended. After exchanged with staff, tested equipment on site and reviewed the documents, the experts gave a high appreciation of the construction and trial operation preparations, agreed that the basic conditions for the trial operation were met.


expertise pujiang line

Trial run exercises held for Pujiang Line (December 2017)


From November 26, 2017 to December 19, 2017, Pujiang Line conducted a 20-day trial run exercise by OCC supervisor, operators, roving agents and station agents, simulating the official operating plan without passengers. According to local standards, the trial run exercise was held with 8 trains on line at peak hours and 4 trains at trough hours, with a daily schedule of 17 hours, 1800km / train. 


trial run pujiang

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