Why are we different ?



  • We ensure the safety, quality and cost-efficiency or our services through continous imporvement 


  • We continuously observe passenger behaviour  to undersstand how passenger needs are evolving and provide solutions to meet those needs 
  • We partner with public transport authorities to meet their expectations for quality, delivery and budget
Urban integration

Urban integration

  • We make public transportation central to the life of the communities we serve by making it more accessible, easy and friendly for everyone

What do we bring ?

  • International experience
    • Locally sourced teams
    • Globally sourced specialists with expertise adapted to local environments
    • Local teams trained to international standards
  • Value for Money
    • Early operator involvement produces long-term benefits for the transport authority and community
    • Throughout the system's life cycle, we provide cost-efficiency and continuously improving system performance 
  • Intermodability
    • Integrated multimodal transport networks
    • Efficient interchange hubs
    • Clear, accessible passenger information
    • Optimised timetabling
    • Integrated ticketing system
  • Working with transport authorities

    By partnering with local authorities, we address passenger transport issues including:

    • Network redesign to increase ridership
    • Extensions and new systems (metro, train, tram, etc.)
    • Integration of different transport modes to optimise interconnections

            o Upgrades to infrastructure and technology

            o Integration of the public transport system into the city

  • Operational Excellence
    • We integrate operational excellence at each step of the project:

             o Design and construction

             o Operation

             o Maintenance

    • Safety for passengers and employees
    • Environmental protection
    • Processes based on strict international standards