Line 8 phase 3 is a 6.7 Km full driverless metro line. It will run from Shendu Highway Station to Hui Zhen Lu Station. At the beginning the line will be equipped with 11 vehicles of 50 meter long (4 cars). The frequency at peak hour will be 3.20 minutes. The span of operation will be from 5:00 am to 23:00 pm every day of the year. The supervision of the system will be done from the OCC, central dispatching room.


The contract includes an early involvement of Shanghai Keolis O&M Company during the preparation phases before the Commercial Operation Date (COD). Then Shanghai Keolis will be in charge, for a 5 years period, of the daily operation and maintenance activities in order to ensure an efficient service delivery for the customers of the metro line 8 phase 3.



Construction of the depot and viaduct pillars already started

The Shanghai Keolis team visited the site where the line started to be built since the beginning of this year. The depot area, located nearby the line 8 phase 2 depot, is under construction. First pillars that will support the line 8 phase 3 viaduct have been erected on the south side of the future line.

Construction L8-3

Signature of contract L8-3

Shanghai Keolis is awarded a 7 year long Pre-Operation (2 years) and O&M (5 years) contract for line 8 phase 3 of Shanghai City, China. Line 8 phase 3 will be the first urban driverless metro in Shanghai (25 million inhabitants) which already has an impressive 617 km long metro network.

signature contrat

The latest construction progress of the project 03/2017

The construction of Project L8-3 is on schedule. At the end of March 2017, the viaduct will be fully connected and the running surface will be gradually built. The 2nd and 3rd trains will also arrive in Shanghai on 24/03 and 20/04 respectively. On 05/04, the first train will be moved to the test track to begin the Rolling Stock and signal system tests, while Shenkai's O&M team will take over the depot and coordinate all the interventions within.

running surface

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