Shanghai Pudong International Airport Rapid Transit Project is a 7.8 km-long metro system with double shuttle lines connecting 4 terminals Terminal 1 (T1) & Satellite 1 (S1) and Terminal 2 (T2) & Satellite 2 (S2) of Pudong International Airport. This metro system has 4 stations: T1, T2 and the future satellite terminals S1 and S2. Built by the Chinese manufacturer CRRC, the metro trainsets are 94 metres long. The service headway at peak hours will be 4 minutes, 5 minutes during off-peak hours and 10 minutes during the night and maintenance time. The system runs 24h/day, 7d/week and the system is estimated to carry 250,000 passengers daily.


Shanghai Keolis will be in charge of the preparation work and the operation & maintenance work for a total period of 20 years. 



Pudong Airport MRT line drivers studied in Alstom(July 2018)


The 43 new train drivers of Pudong Airport MRT Line has been recruited and has started an eight-month qualification training at Shentong Group Training Center since June 5, 2018. On July 12th, the training center operation training department organized all the trainees to visit Shanghai Alstom Transportation Equipment Co., Ltd. 



pvg Alstom

Latest progress and next steps of the Pudong Airport MRT project(July 2018)


Pudong Airport MRT line has entered the equipment installation and test phase. The communication & signal technical cabinets have been gradually installed. The electromechanical equipment installation and interior decoration are in progress. It is expected that the whole line will be powered on in August 2018, the system tests and T&C will be conducted from September to November.



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